And the Oscar Goes To…

| by April Anthony

The cold weather we’ve been experiencing is a great excuse for me to go to the movies, not that I need one.   I love movies and this winter it has again been a mad rush to see all of the nominated films.  I look forward to the awards season each year and gathering with friends to watch the red carpet and then each awards show – Golden Globes, SAG Awards and finally on February 28th, the Oscars!  I love seeing people who’ve done outstanding work during the year recognized by their peers.

Wouldn’t it be great to recognize the deserving people behind nonprofits for their many accomplishments like the Oscars recognizes Best Picture and Best Screenplay?  Local chapters of the Association of Fundraising Professionals present Philanthropy Day Awards each year for donors, philanthropic organizations, fundraisers, and fundraising professionals.  In the spirit of the awards season, I think North Carolina has an opportunity to further showcase the great work being done at nonprofits.  Here are a few award options below that correlate to Oscar awards:

Best Picture = Best Strategic Plan

Best Supporting Role = Best Development Plan

Best Director = Best Executive Director

Best Live Action Short Film = Best Event

Best Visual Effects = Best Website

In your personal and professional interactions with nonprofit organizations I’m sure you’ve come across people you think should be recognized related to one of these categories.  Nominate them for a nonprofit Oscar by emailing me a brief note about their service and I will highlight the nominees in my next blog!

I hope you are enjoying this film awards season and are making every effort to praise and recognize North Carolina nonprofits.


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