Calling New Board Chairs

Our own Katie Weeks is teaming up Kathy Ridge of LevRidge Consulting and Lift Connection to lead a virtual training designed specifically for new board chairs. If you just started your term as board chair July 1, or if you will take over as board chair at year end, this training is for you.

Hosted virtually Tuesday, August 30 from 8:30-10 a.m. the session is both a workshop and a roundtable discussion that allows new board chairs to engage with the trainers and one another. You will leave with resources and tools to ensure that you, your board, and your organization are prepared to thrive under your leadership.

“New board chairs are usually selected based on their leadership experience, wisdom, and passion for the nonprofit they’re serving, but often they are surprised by the differences in corporate and nonprofit cultures,” said Kathy Ridge, founder of LevRidge. “We help them maximize their impact by giving them tips that help them align their experiences and expertise in this unique role.”

Topics will include:

o  Compliance, governance, and fiduciary responsibilities

o  Board engagement and board performance

o  Source of power and authority as a nonprofit board chair

o  Responsibilities of chair vs CEO or ED/staff

o  What to champion during your term as Board Chair

o  Whereto find resources when you need advice and help

Armstrong McGuire Senior Advisor Katie Weeks said, “Serving as board chair is a tremendous privilege and responsibility. Sometimes a new board chair doesn’t realize what the role really entails until they get in the seat. We want to be sure you are well equipped from the start.”

To ensure meaningful dialogue among participants, space is limited. Register before August 17th.

See you there!

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