Change Will Come

When I started working at Armstrong McGuire, I was asked to submit a professional bio and answer a few questions for our website. I made the connection recently that, at the time, I noted my favorite vacation spot was New Bern, NC. Today, I am proud to say I am a New Bern resident!

Moving away from the Triangle to the slower pace of eastern North Carolina has proven to be a blessing. I wake up every day fulfilled knowing that I live in a place I love, work at a place I love, and have more time to spend with my precious family.

I have personally had to navigate some recurring health challenges this year, which combined with our big move ultimately led my family to where we are today. Unforeseen circumstances, such as illness, a move, a job change, etc. can be a transformative and powerful catalyst for change in one’s life. While they may initially seem like setbacks, I’ve found it can actually lead to personal growth and a more fulfilling life.  


1. By shifting our priorities and forcing us to reevaluate and focus on what truly matters.

2. By increasing our self-awareness and identifying our passions, values, and desires, and aligning our lives accordingly.

3. By helping us embrace gratitude and appreciate the simple joys of life we may have previously taken for granted.

With that said, I see many parallels in the personal impact of unforeseen life circumstances and the impact unforeseen circumstances have on nonprofit organizations. These can take the form of natural disasters, economic downturns, changes in government policies, changes in the social or political landscape, etc. Many of which often lead to transformation.  


Increased Demand: Unforeseen circumstances can result in an increased demand for the services or support provided by a nonprofit organization, forcing nonprofits to adapt programs, expand operations, or develop new strategies to meet the needs of those affected. It may require scaling up efforts, collaborating with other organizations, or mobilizing additional resources.  

Financial Challenges: Unforeseen circumstances can disrupt the financial stability of nonprofit organizations. These circumstances can lead to strategic transformations, such as implementing new fundraising strategies, revising budget priorities, or developing sustainability plans.

Operational Adjustments: Unforeseen circumstances often require nonprofit organizations to make operational adjustments. They may need to revise their processes and procedures to adapt to changing circumstances. These operational adjustments can lead to long-term transformations in how nonprofits operate and deliver their services.

Strategic Reevaluation: Unforeseen circumstances can prompt nonprofit organizations to reevaluate their strategic priorities and goals. They may need to identify new areas of focus or adjust their existing strategies to address challenges that arise. These strategic reevaluations can result in transformative changes in programmatic approaches, target populations, or advocacy efforts.

Organizational Learning and Resilience: Unforeseen circumstances provide valuable learning experiences for nonprofit organizations. They can reveal gaps in preparedness, highlight areas for improvement, and strengthen organizational resilience. The lessons learned from unforeseen circumstances can lead to transformative changes in organizational culture, decision-making processes, and overall capacity.

While these circumstances can create significant challenges, they also present opportunities for growth, innovation, and adaptation. Nonprofit organizations that effectively navigate these circumstances and embrace the need for transformation can emerge stronger, more resilient, and better equipped to address future challenges. More importantly, they can help breathe new life into organizations, their staff, their boards, and their supporters!

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