I woke up on Tuesday this week wondering how the non-profit sector’s attempt to cash in on the first week of the holiday gift giving season would go this year. Without a doubt, there was much, much more chatter leading up to #GivingTuesday on social media this year than the prior three years since its launch. I started seeing non-profits talking about #GivingTuesday on Twitter and a little on Facebook in early November. The closer we got to the big day, the more the conversation elevated.

Throughout the day on Tuesday, I received 26 unique emails from organizations promoting #GivingTuesday and more than 300 tweets from accounts I follow. I also received a Twitter ad recommending 20 national charities that I should consider supporting.

Numbers are still being tallied, but Mark Hrwyna of The Non-Profit Times posted Wednesday afternoon that totals may climb to near $120 million. “Charitable contributions made on #GivingTuesday surpassed $117 million this year, according to preliminary estimates, but could go even higher as more donations are calculated today.”

This sounds like an impressive number, but compared to the potential it feels like just the tip of the iceberg.

I encourage you to check out the insights of a fundraising thought leader that I follow, Lynne Wester—otherwise known as the Donor Relations Guru. Lynne (@donorguru) took the time make several donations on #GivingTuesday and report on her experience. She found both successes and opportunities for improvement. There are lessons to be learned and 363 days to get ready for #GivingTuesday2016.

#GivingTuesday2015 According to the Donor Relations Guru

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