Knowledge is Power (and It's Nice to Share)

Members of our team recently completed a “talent” assessment that identified individual competencies, behaviors, and styles. Among other things, the resulting report confirmed that I am, by nature, a learner. I am in my element when absorbing information and trying to assimilate it to apply to my work, personal life, or sometimes (unfortunately for them) the lives of my friends and family.

Working under the assumptions that knowledge is power and it’s nice to share, following are a few of my go-to sources for nonprofit information:

Harvard Business Review: Chock full of great articles on strategy, leadership, management, culture, marketing, current events, and much more, this website/blog shares research and ideas from the best and brightest. You can also follow HBR on Twitter.

Stanford Social Innovation Review: SSIR’s tagline of “Informing and inspiring leaders of social change” is an apt description of the type of information you will find within. Recent posts focus on impact investing, technology, measurement and evaluation, collaboration, and the environment. Sign up for their weekly e-newsletter to get SSIR delivered directly to your inbox.

Nonprofit AF: Vu Le’s irreverent take on nonprofit work is both humorous and thought-provoking. A former executive director, Le brings a unique perspective on working in the sector, wrapped in hilarity and accompanied by random animal photos.  

BoardSource: Want to know anything about boards? This is the place to find it. Heralded as the definitive source for nonprofit board governance, you’ll find every aspect of board service covered. Explore the Topics section on their website or sign up to receive blog notifications.

TechSoup: If you are a nonprofit that doesn’t know about TechSoup, stop what you are doing and go to this website now. Not only does this organization serve as the distribution arm for deeply discounted software and hardware for nonprofits, its articles and how-tos, blog, and webinars can save you loads of time, money, and headaches related to technology implementation and use.

The Whiny Donor: This pithy Tweeter, who is a donor and development committee member, gives an external perspective on fundraising practices. Focused mostly on what annoys, her tongue-in-cheek comments on stewardship should be taken seriously.

Where do you get your information? What are your recommendations? We want to know!

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