Nobody’s Perfect

In a previous career I was in charge of implementing a large logistics solution that required the integration of equipment, software, process, and people.  At one of the early status meetings I stood before a group of over a hundred team members representing the client, our corporate team, and participating vendors, and delivered this message; problems equal progress.  I scanned the crowd of quizzical faces.  I explained that we all knew that such a large and complex project would require problem solving and synchronization efforts in all areas, so why not focus on finding the problems and not worry about which part of the team needed to resolve them.  In other words, focus on the data not individuals.

When consulting with non-profit organizations, we often recommend measuring the impact versus the desired outcomes of services provided.  A candid self-assessment always includes the realization that there are areas in need of improvement, so why not use data to focus efforts.  

At Armstrong McGuire & Associates some of our data comes from the annual client satisfaction survey.  While this past year’s numbers show an overall client satisfaction rating of 93% and similar rehire and referral rates, we want to assure you that Bert and the team are using the 7% of the data to focus on where we can improve in future engagements.  We are proud of positive light we are viewed in and the words our clients most frequently associate with our firm.

We want to thank all who participating in the client satisfaction survey process, and know we will be focusing on the fine print!

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