The Importance of Making Friends

As many people in the nonprofit world know, making friends and maintaining relationships is important for a number of reasons. Having connections and networking is essential in talent acquisition as well. Who you know and how you use those connections can make all the difference in effectively filling a position.

As I have spent more time working with the advisors at Armstrong McGuire, I have noticed that all of them are constantly growing, maintaining, and using their networks to their fullest potential. Seeing how much time goes into networking and discussing positions has shown me how essential friends and relationships are in the nonprofit community.

Advisors call on their networks for a variety of reasons, and consistently receive useful feedback or information about where to search for candidates or who to reach out to in order to gauge interest in positions. I have seen how much of an impact having a widespread network has on sourcing and attracting candidates. A lot of potential candidates are more likely to be interested in a position if a trusted member of their network reaches out.

I have been working on expanding my professional network too and would recommend the same. Even if the purpose isn’t for talent acquisition or career searching, a large network that you are intentional about building and maintaining can have immensely beneficial impact on an organization or individual, so remember to keep making friends wherever you are!

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