The Toxic Leader Kills Organizations

The command-and-control management style is a thing of yesteryear. It is no longer effective in today’s world of work where employees are more vocal and simply will not stand for this style. Keep up the archaic practices and you will be a leader without anyone left to lead.


The command-and-control style is an authoritarian course of action generations of leaders used. The new, much more effective approach successful leaders embrace is one filled with authenticity, compassion, and alignment.


In this new era, leadership has pivoted from power to connection. To excel at this, a leader must first connect and lead themselves. These three things can help:  


Own your story: We must stand in our truth whether it was the good, bad or the downright ugly. Let go of the bad stuff and replace it with compassion for yourself and others. 


Give up perfection: Focus on progress not perfection with the ultimate intent on leaving things better than we found them. 


Own your communication style: This is way you speak and act when with others. First seek to understand rather than to be understood. In other words, listen first and then speak. 


As a leader, you need to help individuals and teams. To connect with your team, tap into your compassion by doing the following:  


Show care and compassion for the whole person: This begins with respecting yourself which in turn allows you to respect others. 


Listen first: Do not assume. Assumptions get in the way of a successful leader. Take the time to take in what you hear and feel. 


Act as a servant leader: Be willing to sacrifice some of your own comfort for the benefit of the team and do it without expecting repayment. 


To connect with your organization, you need alignment. There are three areas which can help you improve in this area:  


Personally align with your organization: This means not only the business stuff but the social opportunities. This builds healthy cultures.


Create a positive culture: Respect for others and the ability to be transparent is the best way to begin. 


Own your calendar: Take time for yourself and block it out on the calendar. This minimizes the chance for burnout to occur.


If your organization has a leader that needs help becoming a successful 21st century leader, we will be happy to help.

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