Jun 22

A Recipe for Success

I bought an air fryer last weekend. My wife is convinced that I will use it once or twice before it takes its shameful place on our shelf of misfit appliances, right next to the Instant Pot pressure cooker, Ninja blender, and other must have items I have purchased in recent years.

Bert Armstrong
May 25

Practice Makes Progress

Leadership is one of those topics that is both fairly straight-forward, and yet, still largely misunderstood. I recently led a workshop at a business conference about leadership practices that really make a difference, but the truth is, leadership practices that work in business extend beyond the bounds of that sector. Leadership in the non-profit sector is as important today as ever, and having lived in both worlds, I find countless transferable learnings.

Hannah Randall
May 11

An Ode to the Disruptive Spirit of Millennials

Last week, I was glad to have the opportunity to speak at SHARE Charlotte’s Fifth Annual Nonprofit Summit, presenting a talk on building and leading social movements. It was a culminating topic following nearly two years of exploration of how generational change is disrupting so much about how our society functions.

Apr 13

In a World Full of Takers, Be a Giver

Being part of Armstrong McGuire offers me the opportunity to meet so many people and immerse myself in new (to me!) and varying nonprofits. I love learning about the different challenges and opportunities organizations face, and the things that many of us are going through together in this sector. There is a common theme I am hearing from our clients for the type of person they are seeking for leadership roles: collaborator, relationship builder. I hear those words echoed in job seekers as well.

Samantha Wright

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