Trends In Funding Youth Education

This week begins a series on trends in funding youth education.  NC Child states “A strong education is the most effective pathway to opportunity and statewide economic growth. In North Carolina, we have a proud history of building a strong system of public education. North Carolina was the first southern state to create a universal public K-12 education system, and our public university system remains one of the best bargains in the country. Unfortunately, funding for schools has declined significantly since the onset of the 2009 Great Recession. According to the NC Budget and Tax Center, public school funding has dropped by more than $500 million over the last six years, while total school enrollment has increased by 48,000 students. That is not a formula for success.

NC Child believes school funding should be increased to achieve the following outcomes:
• Teacher to student ratios are small enough to ensure a high-quality learning environment;
• Students have adequate textbooks, electronic learning materials, and instructional supplies;
• Teachers are high quality and receive competitive salaries;
• Appropriate ratios of school social workers and psychologists to students; and
• Safe and sufficient school facilities.”

More information about NC Child can be found here

According to the Triangle Community Foundation: “The Triangle is home to almost 100,000 children under the age of eight, each born with the potential to succeed, but significant gaps in opportunity exist before they even set foot in the classroom.  Forty percent are struggling and spend their academic lives scrambling to catch up.”  In next week’s blog I will discuss a potential funding gap that is forming between early childhood and young adults.

Youth education is a timely topic.  Learn more at the Triangle Community Foundation Luncheon What Matters: Our Kids, on April 26th.

If you represent an organization serving youth and would like to share the impact you are making in the lives of kids, or share your thoughts about what needs to be done, please email me at  

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