What’s Your Why?

‘Tis the season to be game on! Thanksgiving is behind us. Giving Tuesday is in the books. 30% of annual giving occurs in December and 10% in the last three days of the year. Many nonprofits have been planning for this season for months. There are now three and a half weeks left in 2019.

Pause for dramatic effect.

Why all the hustle and bustle? The answer is simple. Gifts matter and make an impact. How you close out this calendar year can set you up for success in the new year.

I will ask again, why? Why are you working to execute every detail of your year-end campaign? Why are you pushing your stories of impact? Why are you reaching out to thank those investing in your mission?

I hope the answer comes to you easily. I hope you are reminded of your mission, the change you are making in your community, or the gap you are seeking to fulfill. In this busy season, you can easily get caught up in all there is to do at work and home. If you feel that way, pause again and think about why you do what you do.

  • Why did you choose to help fulfill this mission?
  • What success or impact achieved over the past year gets you the most excited?
  • What was your inspiration?

It’s easy to keep your head down and keep moving, but we all choose to invest because it means something to us. Keep that in the forefront this season. Others will see it in you.

What’s my why? It’s always been to help those around me. I knew in high school that nonprofit would be my path. Why? Because that is the example my mother placed before me. She still gives to and invests in those around her in beautiful and meaningful ways. So today, on her birthday, her face is my why.

May you keep your why close over the next few weeks and in the coming year!

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