Your Next Hire: A Strategic Investment

One of the largest pain points inside nonprofits is bandwidth. We feel it nearly every time we walk into a client. And one of the largest investments for a nonprofit is normally personnel. Every dollar counts and is a strategic investment in your mission. Your next hire is important, whether it is a new position or refilling an existing position.

One of the advantages we add to the process when we help teams with a search is pausing on the front end to ask the critical questions regarding the current state of the organization, the vision, and key attributes needed in this role. We then weave this information into every step of the process.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself and team if you are getting ready to fill or add a position:

  • What is the vision for the future?
  • Are there gaps in your team keeping you from living into your vision?
  • What strengths are needed now?
  • What are the position’s core responsibilities? And what level of experience is needed for each?
  • What core values or culture must this individual be a good fit for?

Once these questions are answered, build a job description based on the experience that is needed next, not based on where you have been. Clearly outline the core responsibilities, levels of expertise, and values of this opportunity. This outline will ultimately serve as a tool to rate candidates when screening resumes and interviewing.

Build interview questions around core responsibilities and culture of the organization. Rate each candidate against those categories. Refer back to the core needs at each step to ensure you keep the requirements of the organization front and center. Doing so also keeps personal biases and exciting distractions in check so you can make the most of your next strategic investment.

A strong team is crucial to the success of today’s mission-driven organization. If we can help you #DoGreatThings, let us know. Here is a bit more about our executive search process.

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